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     Gary Bartz
     ghasem batamuntu
     Jefferson Braswell
     patrick brennan
     Anatholi Bulkin
     Steve Coleman
     Rootless Cosmopolitans
     On Ka'a Davis
     Kevin Diehl
     Christopher Donahue
     Avram Fefer
     Jerold Frederic
     Fred Ho
     David Joel
     Oliver Lake
     Byard Lancaster
     Milt Lee
     Nora McCarthy
     Makanda Ken McIntyre
     Lewis Porter
     Napoleon Revels-Bey
     Joe Rigby
     Dmae Roberts
     Dmae Roberts
     Summer Rose
     Dave Ross
     Steve Rowland
     George Russell
     Ben Schachter
     marlon simon
     Harold E. Smith
     Thomas Stanley
     Michael Jefry Stevens
     Jamaaladeen Tacuma
     Papo Va'zquez
     G Calvin Weston
     Rabia Yamazawa
     Bobby Zankel


     1. Fred Ho
     2. G Calvin Weston
     3. Michael Jefry Stevens
     4. Steve Rowland
     5. Jerold Frederic


     Afro Caribbean Jazz
     Spoken Word
     Afro Cuban
     Latin Jazz
     World Music


    Marty Khan
    Marty Khan is co-founder and Director of Outward Visions, Inc., a not-for-profit arts service organization founded in 1976. A 35+ year veteran manager...(more)

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    ArtistOwned is a new digital distribution service dedicated to bringing together independent musicians with their fans/audiences. It has been created by long time music producer, radio host, musicologist and documentary producer and two-time Peabody Award winner, Steve Rowland. Steve received an MBA from Columbia University, his focus was the development of this business model.

    ArtistOwned is a digital distribution service for independent music. It will operate in a manner similar to I-Tunes®. We do not sell CDs - only digital MP3 files. We will gladly direct visitors to your site to purchase CDs directly from you. Consumers will be able to sample tracks in 30 second samples and then buy tracks for $0.99. There will be no membership fees or minimum purchases. Musicians will receive 75% of all income for sales of their registered tracks. Musicians will provide recordings and be responsible for uploading them.

    All statements and payments due will be sent quarterly, within 30 days of the periods ending March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. Statements will not be sent if no monies are due. Artist can always check his or her own account.

    Artists provide recordings - done in a studio or recorded live. In addition to studio sessions, we encourage artists to consider releasing exciting live recordings --even single tracks. The recordings are uploaded as MP3 files. Each artist posts their own music, or can consider using Lovevolv (click here) for assistance.

  • Musician signs up to become ArtistOwned member. Register Now!
  • Registration form asks for artist information and artist’s statement. Following completion we highly urge artists to submit a sample track of their own work to help in the approval process.
  • Musician uploads MP3 versions of existing tapes - (studio, rehearsal, live sessions, old sessions, interview tapes, etc)
  • Once approved, ArtistOwned provides each musician with their own page on the AO site and links artist to others, by genre, instrument, style etc - so that we can make recommendations to visitors
  • ArtistOwned will also link visitors to the musician’s own website to purchase CDs.
  • AO and musician will set prices for tracks (.99 per track). Some tracks, like interviews can be cheaper, or free.
  • AO will split revenues 75/25 with musician.

    AO is based on the idea that by saving costs for manufacturing, inventory and physical distribution of CDs, it is now feasible for artists to benefit, even if unit sales of music are not in the tens of thousands. In other words, one can create art and still be paid for it. Artists can certainly have their own web sites - but the difference is in having an umbrella organization like ArtistOwned serving as the distributor, allowing musicians to keep ownership of their work, and encourage consumers to be patrons of the art, based on an ethical arrangement.

    Artists provide AO with a master copy of a recording - done in a studio or recorded live. The recordings are uploaded as MP3 files. Each artist posts their own music. The recording is made available to members. The rights for AO to distribute the music are non-exclusive, meaning that the artist can distribute the music via other channels, and there is no cost to join the service. At worst, a musician will garner no downloads, at best there will be a steady stream of income and a widening audience.

    We believe that consumers of independent music will respond positively to this arrangement, knowing that the artists are receiving their fair share of income. The accounting for this company will be completely transparent; each artist will have password protected access to all sales/download figures - including subscription income and number of downloads each month.

    ArtistOwned will feature a variety of genres, each under appropriate supervision. And all financial figures regarding the income will be open and accessible to the artists involved.